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GDPR Compliant Opt-Out with Sendmode

Sendmode has a number of options for giving your customers a GDPR compliant way of opting out of receiving communications from your business.

Sendmode has a free and easy to use website which allows customers to remove themselves from your list. The website is and the opt-out message to add to your campaigns is ‘optout @’. Many of our customers are using this currently. Below is the website.

stoptxt (Branded)

We also provide a branded version of which can be themed to your logo and brand. Totally free and easy to use. The opt-out message would change slightly and use a shortened URL. The opt-out message would change slightly to use a shortened URL for example ‘optout @’. We’ll show you how to this if you wish to use this option. Your customers would see your logo and colour scheme as in the example below.

cornmarket opt-out


You can also use the mobile keyword STOP. Your customers can text STOP to our free shortcode 50015 to be removed from your list. For example ‘Freetext STOP to 50015 to opt-out’. This is free for your customer. There is a small charge on you for each opt-out using this option.

Repliable STOP

IF you send a message out using the Sender name replicable, your customers can simply reply STOP to remove themselves from your list. In your text just add ‘Reply STOP to opt-out’

Opt out Lists

Sendmode keeps a copy of your opt-out lists and makes sure nobody on your opt-out list will get sent messages from your business. You can query when a number opted out should your customers issue a data access request.

Sendmode SMS Text Marketing Free Trial

All the above option will keep you GDPR compliant. If you have any questions on GDPR and keeping your SMS marketing compliant, please do not hesitate to contact Saoirse ([email protected]) or John ([email protected]) in our data protection team at any time.