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  • Direct Routes to All UK Networks
  • 2 Way SMS
  • Free GDPR Opt-In & Opt-Out Tools
  • Award winning Support Team available 24/7
  • * Price with our Double Credits Offer

10k - 24,999



  • Direct Routes to All UK Networks
  • 2 Way SMS
  • Free GDPR Opt-In & Opt-Out Tools
  • Award winning Support Team available 24/7

25k - 49,999



  • Direct Routes to All UK Networks
  • 2 Way SMS
  • Free GDPR Opt-In & Opt-Out Tools
  • Award winning Support Team available 24/7



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  • 020 3411 4464
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How to Send SMS with Sendmode

  • Self Service Web Portal

    Self Service Web Portal

    Log in and send SMS from anywhere using our web portal. Our web site works on any device and is designed to be super easy to use and in order to speed up the time for your offers to be delivered to your customers. Our award winning customer support is available 24/7 for all questions or comments.

  • Managed Service

    Managed Service

    We are more than happy to manage your account for you. Totally free of charge. We will manage your customer lists, opt ins and opt outs, manage your groups and send out your SMS Messages at the best times for your business.

  • API – Developers Only

    API – Developers Only

    Connect any application to our SMS Gateway and enable SMS delivery. Full documentation and code samples are available at http://developers.sendmode.com. Our tech team will take your through integration and in less than 4 hours your application will be SMS enabled.

  • Email2SMS


    Send SMS directly from your email inbox. Easy to configure, instant delivery and guaranteed to be read by recipients (98% of SMS are read immediately, compared with less than 20% for emails). We are on hand to help with any questions.

  • Community Alerts

    Community Alerts

    Sendmode works directly with Community Alert groups and local Police to ensure any suspicious activity, local information, safety and security advice can be texted directly from your local police station to all local residents.

  • Broadcast Text

    Broadcast Text

    Broadcast directly to your customers using a simple text from your phone. This features allow you to send a text messaging into a mobile number provided by Sendmode. We will take the contents of the message and broadcast it to your customer list or groups specified.


Compliance @ Sendmode

Sendmode is fully GDPR Compliant and are committed to preserving the safety of your data. Sendmode servers, both Production and Disaster Recovery are located within the EU. No data on either environment leaves the EU at any point.

The data centres who host and manage the secure environment for our servers are ISO 27001 certified. They were ISO Certified on 02/2016.

Our full GDPR Statement, updated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are available here.

GDPR Compliance

Compliant SMS Marketing

Not only is Sendmode fully GDPR Compliant, we are also committed to ensuring your SMS Marketing campaigns are fully compliant. We have been in constant contact with the ICO to answer the most important questions from business owners all over the UK.

We recently ran a webinar which answers a number of GDPR related questions and is available here.

For practical no nonsense advice with answers from the Commissioners Office please visit here.

GDPR Compliant Marketing

Sendmode’s GDPR Features

We have added a number of new features to keep you GDPR compliant. We help with recording consent, have an easy to use and free opt-out mechanism, provide a number of reports for data access requests and ensure you send GDPR Compliant SMS. All designed to be fast, secure and easy to use.

There is a short series of blogs which go through our GDPR features available in the GDPR section of our blog here.

We also have a YouTube playlist with practical video tutorials on our GDPR features available here.

GDPR Compliance Features

Sendmode SMS Service works on any device

We work hard to save you time and money on your marketing, our new application has better reporting, improved ease of use, improved speed and works beautifully on any desktop, tablet or phone.

Sendmode SMS Marketing Home Screen
  • Send SMS Message to Individuals, Groups or Everyone
  • Create an Unlimited number of Members and Groups
  • Import Directly from Excel or Quick Import Cut & Paste
  • Schedule SMS in Advance
  • Send Flyers, Posters or Menus by SMS via a Link
  • Build Custom Templates for Common Messages
  • Send SMS via Email or API
  • Send 2Way SMS via Shortcode Keywords
  • View Graphical Reports Online
  • Search Detailed Reports for Live Message Status
  • View SMS Sent in Timeline Format
  • Account Dashboard for Quick Account Summary
  • Free Trail No credit Card Required
  • Purchase Credits Pay As You Go
  • No Expiry Date on Credits
  • 24/7 Customer Support

SMS Price Comparison

Sendmode provide the highest quality and lowest cost solution in the mobile industry. This table compares our pricing with our competitors. Choose your SMS supplier based on cost, quality and reputation!

SMS Provider

Cost Per SMS Credit


Total per SMS Credit

Sendmode 3.4p No VAT Payable 3.4p
Text Tank 3.5p Plus Vat 4.2p
Text Marketer 3.7p Plus Vat 4.4p
Bulk SMS 4.4p Plus Vat 5.3p
Red SMS 4.5p Plus Vat 5.4p
Text Local 4.9p Plus Vat 5.9p
Text Burst 5.0p Plus Vat 6.0p
Text Anywhere 6.4p Plus Vat 7.7p
Esendex 7.0p Plus Vat 8.4p
Clickatell 8.4p Plus Vat 10.1p

*Price is based on a typical purchase of 1,000 SMS Message credits
*Please note that this list is not a complete list of every company providing Bulk SMS Text Messaging services