Drive Sales with Text Messaging

SMS Text Messaging has been around for over 20 years and although its heyday as a person to person communication channel has waned, it is still used by millions of businesses worldwide to communication with customers. While WhatsApp has taken over the person to person communications, SMS is still the most popular with business to consumer engagement.

The main reasons being

  1. SMS is on every mobile device by default
  2. 98% of messages are read

Will it work for my business?

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, big or small, you still need to engage with your customers. SMS works perfectly for marketing, appointment reminders and information alerts. They are delivered in seconds and as mentioned above are read by almost everyone. So YES it will definitely work for your business.

I use SMS for renewals each year for my gym. I buy €85 worth of SMS Messages from Sendmode and this gets me between 300 and 350 renewals worth €200 each.

– Jim, Motiv8 Gyms


Since GDPR on 25th May we have helped thousands of businesses in Ireland, UK, and beyond to send millions of fully compliant text messaging campaigns to their customers. We are here to assist your business gain an advantage through our expertise. We have GDPR features on the system to keep you compliant and have a section on our website fully devoted to GDPR.

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About Sendmode

Sendmode has been in the Bulk Text and SMS Marketing industry for 10 years and serves over 30,000 customers worldwide. We have won numerous awards for customer service down through the years and pride ourselves on our levels of customer service. We have loads of experience in the Bulk Text Messaging and SMS Marketing industry and can help you build your customer database, design and implement your marketing campaigns.

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