Bulk SMS Service with full GDPR Compliance

GDPR has come into effect and laws have been enacted across the EU to further protect our rights to our data. Not surprisingly business owners were nervous about how this would affect their marketing via SMS, email or through social channels. We at Sendmode have been working on GDPR for the past 4 months and have not only ensured that our Bulk SMS Service is GDPR compliant but that you will be compliant if you choose to use Sendmode. We’ve added a number of features to keep you on track and make sure you stay on the right side of GDPR.

Consent Tracking

You can easily record consent from your customers using Sendmode, whether you are importing to your account or have integrated with the API. Whats more, there are a number of GDPR reports available so that you can satisfy any GDPR Data Access Requests in seconds.

A Data Access Request is where a customer asks for all the information you have belonging to them. This includes personal info and marketing information such as when they opted in, opted out, messages that were sent to them.

Easy Unsubscribe

We’ve made it super easy for customers to opt-out or unsubscribe with our GDPR compliant opt-out tool. Sendmode ensures that anyone on your opt-out list will not receive any Bulk SMS marketing messages. Even if you import the number again it will not receive any messages until they explicitly ask to go back into your list. The unsubscribe tool is totally free for all customers.

We’ve been in the mobile marketing industry for almost 10 years and serve over 30,000 customers worldwide. We are fully GDPR Compliant and our bulk SMS service keeps things simple for all customers with practical advice and an online website that is designed to be clear and easy to use.

Should you currently use another Bulk SMS service provider and are not satisfied with how they will keep you compliant why not give us a call or register for a no-obligation free trial by clicking the image below, check out our super low prices and then click ‘Try for Free’

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Thank you for your time, we hope you found this blog useful.