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Small Business Marketing – Content Curation

Content curation is a hot topic among marketers these days. Few companies actually understand what content curation is and how it can help build strong brand awareness.

Successful marketers appreciate that content isn’t always unique, so they regularly share information that’s curated from other sources – and refresh it by adding their brand’s own unique spin. There are many benefits of content curation. Not only can it help you save time and resources by reducing the effort of new content production, it can also help you establish new relationships with other brands or influencers.

However, rather than simply regurgitating information, you should think about how you can “remix” the material you’ve found. Some marketers create “roundups” of insights in their industry, while others blend findings to create long-form content. However you choose to publish curated content, the focus should be on adding new value and pushing it out to new audiences.

When it comes to marketing the general consensus is content is king. Every small business under the sun is facing increasing competition and it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. By publishing and sharing added value content, companies are able to get a leg up on the competition and provide marketing leads with far more than a hard sell.

Use data to influence reluctant buyers. When you’re trying to convince potential buyers to do business with you, you can create complicated marketing campaigns, or you can use data to back up your claim.

Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Curating quality content that adds value to your customer’s lives can bring you all types of opportunities.
What happens when you need to post new content but simply don’t have the time to make it? Not all content has to be your own!

1. Leverage ‘underground’ content

Effective content curation highlights amazing content that readers have never seen in a way that adds value and impresses the original source.

Share valuable content that people haven’t seen so you become the go-to place to find the best content in your industry. To build brand awareness and grow a following, you want to be a trend finder, a trend analyst.

2. Be authentic and consistent

Invest in a brand back story and communicate it visually. Curate content that relates to your brand story and personality.

3. Curate for your blog

There are a number of ways you can curate content on your blog. Many of the top blogs curate content and publish individual posts about that content throughout the day. Each post includes additional commentary or expert analysis to add value to the original content.

Of course, we’re not advocating plagiarism. What we are suggesting is taking content created by others and sharing it with your readers- giving full credit to the original author.

Content curation is one of the best ways for businesses to keep their audience constantly engaged on social with minimum effort.

By sharing content from relevant and popular sources, small business can gain the trust of their audience with ease and build credibility. Curated content is also a great conversation starter.

Remember that curation is not enough for a robust content marketing strategy. Mixing it up with original content is imperative.

So, why should small businesses be curating content?

1. Content curation is cost-effective and efficient, much faster and easier than creating original content.
2. By curating content you add variety to your feed. This can go a long way towards keeping your audience interested by offering relevant and beneficial content from a variety of sources.

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