Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Newsletter – May – 2021

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Newsletter - May - 2021


Welcome to our Sendmode Bulk Text Newsletter. A short burst of news on SMS Marketing and the Sendmode platform. 

Adding Links in your SMS Marketing

A couple of customers have asked if we can send links in SMS. Yes you can. Just add the link to the message and your customer can click on it and visit your website, online shop, menu or brochure.

We can show you how to do this no problem.  In fact we sent this newsletter out by text so if you are here you have most likely clicked the link in the text 🙂

SMS Works

If you haven’t used SMS marketing in a while, here is a quick reminder of the stats.

  • 98% of SMS messages are read by your customers
  • 90% are read within 3 minutes of receipt
  • You can have a marketing campaign typed out, sent, delivered and read by your customers in minutes. 
  • SMS is fully GDPR compliant. Only send to the people who have opted in and we take care of all the opt-outs for you.

Welcome Back!!

Its been a tough run for us all but thankfully starting to open again and we’re getting back to normal. We’ll be here at all times when you need to contact customers, staff, students, parents etc. There will be someone here, weekends included, to answer your emails and calls.

Sendmode Bulk Text

About Sendmode

Sendmode was started in 2008 by 2 computer programmers, Barry Murphy and John McNamara, who believed that business owners were being charged too much for ineffective marketing tools. Today the SMS platform they built sends over 20 million SMS per month on behalf of business owners worldwide. They are committed to keeping pricing at the lowest on the internet while building long lasting relationships with all our clients.

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter and we hope you found it helpful.

Take Care