The Benefits of Bulk Text for Tourism

Bulk text solutions for the travel industry ensure higher customer satisfaction and loyalty while helping focus the changing needs and demands of travelers. SMS overcomes many of the obstacles associated with online and email marketing. Whilst potential customers may not see your emails, SMS messages aren’t filtered the same way. 98% of recipients open SMS messages within the first 3 minutes of delivery, meaning that your content is reaching the intended target.

We’re using our phones to research and plan our travel, now more than ever before – and using them when we’re away too. They contain our boarding passes, travel plans, directions, and much more. If mobile phones/smartphones have become such an integral part of how we travel, then those who promote sectors of the tourism/travel industries are in a great position to have their SMS marketing campaigns favourably received.

We are currently seeing an increase in demand for text message in dozens of industries, but nowhere is as apparent as in the travel and tourism industries. Mobile marketing and travel are a match made in heaven. According to the latest research, 95% of business travelers have a smartphone or tablet. 67% shop, research, and book travel accommodation using a mobile device, while 77% use their device to check updates, eg – flight activities.

Preventing delays and cancellations is not within your power as a travel operator, but you can keep frustration from running over by keeping customers informed. Nothing does this more effectively than an SMS message, delivered directly to the palm of your customer’s hands, instantly! Stranded tourists with no internet connection can still access text. This is especially useful in emergency situations.

While SMS marketing is an ideal way for companies in the travel industry to alert existing customers of itinerary changes or issues, it is also an effective way of building business and attracting new customers. With many businesses providing offers and travel incentives, SMS is a perfect way to alert potential customers to the latest deals.

Text messaging offers a simple and effective way to communicate with consumers when they are in the process of making travel plans and purchasing decisions, keeping them up-to-date on sales, influencing which brand and destination they choose and driving them to specific stores. This opens the door for companies in the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors to re-market to opted-in customers by sending them targeted, relevant messaging that adds value by providing incentives for participation and streaming consumers travel experience.

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