Sending an SMS from your email account

Despite the fact that everyone can read their email on their smartphone there will always be times and situations in which it’s more advantageous to send a short email as a text. This is particularly useful if you’re emailing a non-smartphone user, or need to send a text when you’re away from your mobile.

Did you know that with Sendmode you can directly send an SMS from your existing email account?

Which, in terms of your small business, can save you a lot of time. If you have multiple users there is no need to have everyone logged in and learning to us it is simple.

Email to SMS is a form of technology that converts standard emails into SMS messages. Once your email is customised, you will be able to send SMS messages directly to your intended recipient. Email to SMS is an API which allows for email to be converted into SMS messages.

Uses of Email to SMS

Send Appointment Reminders

Email to SMS will help you keep your service-business busy, by reminding clients and customers about important upcoming appointments. According to research 62% of missed appointments occur as the client has simply forgotten about their booking. Sending a quick email to SMS reminder has the potential to radically reduce the number of missed appointments your business experiences.

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Coupons can be a great way to re-engage with customers that may have become distant or have not made a purchase in a while. If you decide that your business needs a pick-me-up, you can schedule a coupon campaign through your emails.
Coupons are a great way for brands to reach and communicate with customers who are really interested in what they have to offer. They are quick, affordable and a simple way to reach customers at home with your brand code.


Keep your customers informed of anything exciting that may be going on in your business. SMS is about keeping people connected. Let customers know when you are having a sale, or when they can benefit from a choice piece of news about your business.

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