Using Sender ID Business Names with Bulk Text

SMS Marketing

Have you received text messages, alerts and notifications from businesses and retailers displaying their number only?  You then have to click into the message to see who it’s from and what it is about?  This can be ‘annoying’ and ‘frustrating’ for time strapped consumers.  Two key factors to a highly successful marketing campaign are:

  • Professionalism
  • Instant brand and campaign recognition

Sendmode’s multi-award winning bulk text messaging service provides for usage of up to 11 alphabetic characters as a sender name (Sender ID). Use your Sender ID as your business name or your campaign name and create as many as preferred within your Sendmode account.

This is particularly useful if you have multiple departments within your business and you need to send messages out to lots of different groups, with different Sender ID’s.

Using a Sender ID will increase the likelihood of your text message being read. If the customer recognises your brand name appearing on the mobile device and they opted in for promotional information, they are more likely to read your message, when compared to a message appearing from an unknown number.

Note: When using a Sender ID, the sender’s number is overridden; therefore the recipient cannot send a reply text. However, text messages will often contain a keyword and a shortcode for you to respond to i.e. “Text Pizza to 51444”. However, it is feasible to use your mobile number as your Sender ID which allows customers to respond directly to your handset or back into your mobile account.

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