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Rich Communication Services 


Send images, video, google maps, QR Codes, call to action buttons, easy replies. Interact with your customers in real time in a fully immersive experience.

Detailed Analytics

RCS Detailed Analysis Reports

RCS Business Messaging not only provides read receipts but also interaction receipts. You can see who has clicked on a suggested action button on the message. Further enhancing your customer intelligence.

Super Easy To Use

RCS Super Easy To Use

Sendmode application are always super easy to use. We put an enormous amount of time in creating applications that will save you time.

RCS Features

RCS Hiring

RCS Customer View

Option Buttons

Option Buttons are ideal for Businesses or Clubs looking to gather instant feedback from Customers/Members/Players.

Typical usage examples are;
Checking players availability for games or training.
Gauging customer interest in different products or services.

Predefined answers ensures responses are simple and accurate.
Results are available immediately on the Admin Stats page which not only provides a count but also the identity of the responder.

  • Easy Setup Using Templates
  • Simple Customer Click to Reply
  • Real Time Admin Stats on Phone
  • Custom Branded with Logos/Taglines
RCS Hiring Admin Stats

RCS Admin Stats View

RCS Dentist

RCS Appointment Confirm/Call

Call-to-Action Buttons(CTA)

CTA Buttons are ideal for Businesses who want to get the respondent to Call them or Visit a page on their website.

Typical usage examples are;
Confirming Appointment reminders with Call Us options.
Redirecting interested customers to Online stores.

Simple single Click to Call, Visit URL, or Confirm Appointments
Results are available immediately on the Admin Stats page on all actions taken and by who.

  • 1 Click Appointment Confirmation
  • Instant reports to track Confirmations
  • Drive Traffic to Online Stores
  • Calling made easy with number in button
RCS Butcher

Click to Reserve Online

RCS Retail

RCS Images Carousel

Image Carousel and Video

Ideal for businesses who have additional visual content such as images or videos they want to display in their marketing.

Typical usage examples are;
Retail stores displaying new season clothing or sales drives.
Video marketing of high value items such as cars and homes.

  • Display upto 4 High Resolution Images
  • Embed Video from Youtube & Vimeo
  • Use with CTA Buttons for engagement tracking
  • Target ‘Who Clicked’ for Re-Marketing
RCS Video

RCS Video Content