Neighbourhood Watch Text Alerts

Have you considered using a SMS text messaging application as part of your neighbourhood watch program?  SMS Text Messaging is an extremely popular and effective way to get alerts and messages out to members of your neighbourhood. SMS is available on all phones and using a bulk text supplier like Sendmode, the alarm can be raised and the alert message delivered to everyone in your neighbourhood watch program in seconds.

Sendmode’s Community Alert system is now used by hundreds of Community, Residents Associations and Neighbourhood watch organisations across Ireland. Since starting our business in 2009 Sendmode have offered the lowest cost SMS solutions on the market and have now grown to supply SMS services to over 8,000 customers in 14 countries worldwide.

Our multi-award winning platform is easy to use, secure, fast and reliable.

The Sendmode Community Alert system has been designed to make it easy for alarms to be raised by members of your neighbourhood watch and for these alerts to be broadcast out to everyone.

We also have a free iPhone and Android application so messages can be broadcast to the neighbourhood from anywhere. These mobile apps allow users to view all incoming alert messages from the community as well as reports of all alerts broadcasted out.

Our Community Alerts application is gaining huge popularity among Neighbourhood Watch and Community groups in Ireland which our pricing, technology, support and features second to none in this space.

For more information on our how Sendmode can help with your neighbourhood watch alert system, please visit where you will find our pricing plus a pricing comparison table with other companies offering similar services.

If you would like to speak directly to us about our Community Alert and Neighbourhood Watch system and get setup with an obligation free trial please feel free to contact us on 01 485 6913 or email [email protected] . You will be set up in minutes and if switching from a higher cost provider, we’ll do all the work for you.

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