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Mobile coupons present a substantial opportunity for business growth helping attract new customers and improve the loyalty of existing customers. Mobile coupons are powerful tools for product and service discovery, they are an essential tool in any businesses marketing strategy. Offering mobile coupons is a great way to encourage customers to make a purchase. There are a lot of ways that coupons can help businesses. A recent report found that not only do coupons increase traffic in store, people spend more when they have coupons. The same report found that a personalized coupon motivates 39% to spend more and 60% would adopt mobile payments if offered coupons.

Benefits of mobile coupons

Introduction of new products

Many large consumer brands introduce new products to consumers by offering them free samples. This is a very effective way of generating interest and eventually getting customers to pay for products that they have sampled and liked. However, sampling is expensive and not a possibility for many brands. In such cases, mobile coupons can be used: even at a reduced price, customers will be more inclined to try new products.

Move old products

Sometimes, certain products don’t work well: this could be for a number of reasons. By offering mobile coupons, redeemable on such products, you will be re-introducing them to consumers.

Increase Sales

Many brick-and-mortar stores have seen reduced sales, thanks to show rooming. However, using mobile coupons, you can actually increase footfall and sales in your store. Customers are more likely to walk into a store if they have a mobile coupon that is only redeemable offline.

Although sending out mobile coupons may seem easy, small businesses are still largely unsure of how to create promotions that won’t be ignored. Here are a few suggestions for campaigns you could run:

Free Gift – the word free is a powerful motivating force. Even a free gift with very little monetary value can have a significant impact on a person’s decision to buy something that you are offering. That is why it is so common for businesses to offer a free gift, especially one with purchase.

Get creative with discounts – Issue coupons that are different from the standard percent discount or BOGO (buy-one-get-one free). Getting creative with offers will draw customers attention, and these kinds of deals are a guaranteed way to motivate customers to make that purchase that they may not have done without that extra 20% off (We’re all guilty of it!).

Target customers geographically – Offer something to customers that are currently in the area, this will improve instore redemption as well as increasing the number of customer’s in-store.

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