Just in Time Marketing

Following on from some recent blogs were we touched on the power and importance of personalization; this blog is about just in time marketing and how to reach the right customer at the right time. Some companies are now merging marketing with techniques from manufacturing and developing just in time marketing strategies which connect with customers at just the right time and can vastly streamline your marketing.

Instead of the traditional ‘spray and pray’ and mass marketing techniques, some companies are now learning more about their customers and sending offers and promotions at exactly the right time to prompt the best response from these customers.

Three elements must be present

Customer Knowledge

Know your customer, their preferences, what they spend and even at what times they are shopping. This is critical as when an offer is relevant and personalized the response rates climb dramatically.

Multi Channel

Companies need to have a mix of marketing channels in order to choose the best one to react and connect with your customer base whether it is social media, sms text message or email.

Real Time Marketing

Have the ability to reach out instantly to your customers on one of the channels above.

Just-in-time marketing offers the opportunity to embrace a more streamlined and cost effective approach that reduces marketing waste and drives revenue growth.

This blog is an abridged version of the following excellent article on MarketingProfs. https://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2017/31542/just-in-time-marketing-reach-the-right-customer-at-the-right-time?adref=nlt020817

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