Getting your Bulk Text Content Right

You’re familiar with the great benefits of bulk text (personalisation, speed, flexibility, open rate, low cost), but sometimes knowing what to say in a text to your customers can be challenging.  Here are a few tips that will help to inspire you with ideas for your next bulk text campaign.


When your customers are subscribing to receive an text from you, ask them what aspects of your business they are interested in. It’s best to give them a small list of options to choose from, rather than leave it open, as you may end up with too many that way.  For example if your business is a hotel they can choose from Accommodation, Restaurant, Spa or Golf. By asking your customers to select their preferences you have now begun your database segmentation (breaking it down into smaller groups).  This now means you can send specific bulk text messages to specific groups, for example, Golf promotions to golf subscribers.


To add another layer of personalisation, try to get the customer’s name so that messages can be personalised to them using their first name.  The mobile device is, after all, a personal one, so to avoid customers feeling that you are invading their personal space, send messages like… ‘Hi Tom, we’re offering 25% off our golfing packages this weekend, call us before 16/01/14 on 123123123 to book. Reply STOP to opt-out’.


Now for the nitty gritty.  You should keep your text message as short as possible; as too much information can deter a reader from reading the message, but too little might potentially leave out important information.  Finding a balance will ensure the reader pays attention to the message.  Remember to include a call to action.  You have to prompt the reader to do something about the text they have just received, a good call to action will make them do something immediately, examples include; call now, book online, reply, call in or show this code etc.


The types of messages you send to your customers can vary, from reminders, alerts, promotions, sales, a thank you or booking information.  Regardless of what type of business you run, you should try to devise a content or text message strategy.  Plan and schedule your text message content ahead.  Of course last minute text’s also work brilliantly for late offers, so remember to be flexible too.


And if you want to try and build further engagement with smartphone owners, why not set up a mobile website landing page with Sendmode and send a shortened link to your customers within the text message, the link could give them more information about the great offer you’ve just sent them.

So there you have it, perfect your bulk text content in just a few steps. Good luck and remember we’re here if you need help!

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