Enhance Your Customer Intelligence with SMS Vouchers

We all know who our customers are, but which create the most revenue? There has been a need to enhance customer intelligence to support and measure voucher campaigns in the Bingo industry for some time.  Many clubs are aware bulk text is working as a marketing tool because they can see the numbers at their door, but there is a need to improve knowledge on which offers have the most engagement and by whom.

Sendmode, who are leaders in bulk text messaging have developed a paperless voucher tracking system which now allows Bingo Clubs to send a unique voucher code to each of their customers via a personalised text message. Now the customer just has to show their unique text code to a club staff member on arrival, the staff member enters the code onto a complimentary tablet device supplied by Sendmode and the application uses Wi-Fi to validate the code in real time, thus avoiding duplicate redemption’s.

Bingo Club managers can log in to their Sendmode account at any time to view redemption reports categorised by staff member, promotion or by customer. This allows them to very quickly see which customers redeem offers, and how often.  They can also see which promotions work best, on what days, and with what type of customers.  Sendmode CEO John McNamara says, “The Sendmode SMS Voucher System is a fast, paperless, low cost solution which gives our customers true business intelligence to improve their overall marketing effectiveness”.

The SMS Voucher System comes with 24/7 support and is just €300 for 6 months, or 12months for just €450.  For more information contact the sales team on 016854913 or [email protected].  Next time you’re considering a voucher campaign, consider how exactly you’ll measure your redemption’s and how well you know your customers.