Email to SMS Gateway

Email to SMS Gateway

One of the most popular features we released in 2014 was our Email to SMS gateway feature, allowing our customers to easily setup and send SMS directly from their email accounts. It was started off by a conversation with a customer and when we mentioned it to the development team, they said ‘Wait there’ and in no time at all it was on live on the Sendmode platform.

Our service has always been about providing quality mobile communications at a great price and continually improving our service by listening to our customers and adding value to their Bulk SMS and mobile marketing campaigns. We have great plans for the next 3 months and a new feature which will reduce the cost of communications further for all our customers, but I am under oath not to mention it until the end of March.

Until then we continue to add features to our Bulk SMS service designed to help you get the best return on investment for your marketing spend, features like ‘Attach an Image to an SMS’. Another one is proving very popular, especially in the Food sector where restaurants could attach their menu’s to their SMS.

SMS continues to give business a great return as it is available on every phone on the planet and are a direct communication channel to your opt in customers. We just try to make it better all the time ….

If you would like to know more about how Sendmode continually improves our service and listen to all our customers Bulk SMS and Mobile Marketing requirements please feel free to call Sendmode at any time on 020-3411-4464 or email [email protected].

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