Effective Tips for a Text Marketer

Millions of businesses worldwide use permission-based text marketing to reach their customers instantly. The power of delivering your marketing promotions by text message can be seen in the 98% open rate of all messages. It is a super powerful way to communicate with your customers. However, if you are responsible for being the text marketer in your company. There are a few rules you must follow in order to get the most from this marketing channel.

Build your opt-in list

One of the core foundations of the success of text message marketing is that you received permission from your customers and they will welcome the promotions sent to their phone. GDPR has further strengthened anti-spamming laws and you shouldn’t send a message to anyone without permission because it simply does not work.

Timing of your Campaign

When sending text messages to your customers or potential clients, schedule your text messages to be sent at the most appropriate times during the day. We recommend sending between 11 a.m and 2:30 p.m to get maximum attention from your customers.

Also, a quick word on frequency, many text marketers will see a fantastic response from their first campaign and the tendency is then to overuse text message marketing. Try to resist this temptation as your customers may begin to feel bombarded. This will result in diminishing returns as people will being to OPT-OUT of your communications. Make a plan of which customer segments you will target each month and stick to it.

Send Relevant Offers

Remember that as a text marketer you have a channel direct to customers mobile phone, a device which is extremely personal to us all. Therefore, any marketing campaign you send must be of value to your customers. Do not just send informational messages with no real value, send a good promotion that can save them money, something that will truly benefit your customers.

Also, the whole purpose of text marketing is that it is a simple, concise way to get your message across. It is not a good idea to abbreviate your messages to the point that they are illegible. Communicate clearly with your target audience, simply let them know what the offer is and when it will be available.

Easy Opt-Out

Finally, you must give customers the option to opt-out of receiving messages from you.

We hope the above tips are helpful for any marketer. They may seem like common sense approaches to using a powerful technique but they also need to be followed for best results.

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