Database Clean-Up

As you may be aware, we are currently carrying out free database clean-ups on customer accounts. Following our email campaign, we would like to provide you with a little more information on what is involved, and what this clean-up means for our customers.

Regardless of whether a message is delivered or not, your Sendmode account will be charged – this means that bad or inactive numbers are costing you every time you send a message. By availing of this service before the end of November you will save money on all future SMS campaigns.

Numbers may be inactive for a variety of reasons, for instance, the number may never have existed – entered incorrectly on your database/customer entered their number incorrectly.

The charts below are an example of a Sendmode account before and after the clean-up was carried out:

Database Clean-Up

Database Clean-Up

Customer Feedback:

“Fantastic, much appreciated. Great service – could save us a few quid.”

“You read my mind with regards to my focus on cleaning our database. Thank you for being proactive and spotting the undelivered numbers in our account. Nice service to offer”

“Woohoo!! That was fast, thanks a million.”

If you would like to avail of this free database clean-up email [email protected] with your business name, alternatively you can email Saoirse for a copy of inactive numbers and decide how you would like to proceed from there.