Creating the Perfect Bulk Text Campaign

Bulk Text is an increasingly popular method of communication between brands and their customers, not just for individuals. Bulk Text has proven to be a great way to reach customers and potential customers. But you shouldn’t just send out any old text and expect to see results.

To assist those new to the world of business texting, we at Sendmode have put together a number of tips that have proven to be a success for many of our customers:

The Components of a Great SMS Marketing Campaign

Create a Valuable Offer

You have to make sure that the text is of value to your customers. Instead of bombarding them with every new product or change that your company goes through, make sure you are only sending messages that are of value to your customers.

Separate your lists into groups based on certain products customers have bought in the past, do your research and be sure you are targeting the right customers at the right times. Consider sending a discount offer, or a coupon.

Always ask yourself, “Does this text create value for my subscribers?” If the answer is “no”, or “I’m not sure”, don’t send the campaign. Put yourself in the shoes of your subscribers. Would you like to receive text messages from a business you love that are worthless? Definitely not!!

Start with an offer

That offer is what you should use to hook customers. We have found that message that leads with an offer are generally the most successful, with higher open rates. Don’t bury it at the bottom of your message or some customers won’t even get the chance to see it.

Text messages are meant to be short and to the point. In the busy world, we live in today, it’s important to cut right to the chase. State your offer first, it doesn’t need to be cluttered with extra verbiage. Your customers will appreciate it and are more likely to respond.

Include a Direct Call to Action

A call to action is simply a request or instruction letting your subscribers know what the next move is. It gives them direction and is a push to get them where you want them to go.

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Create a Sense of Urgency and Make Offer Exclusive

Make your offer exclusive and urgent. Customers like to feel like you are talking directly to them, adding a personal touch to your bulk text campaign can make it appear exclusive to your customers. It is important to make your subscribers feel as if they are part of something special, being a subscriber becomes less appealing.

Creating a sense of urgency helps you to achieve results as quickly as possible. Including some sort of expiration helps inspire your subscribers to take action in a timely manner.

Mention Your Brand Name

The text should always include the business’s name. Never leave your customers wondering who they have received the message from, not only will this affect your campaign but has the potential to annoy your customers.
Make sure the subscribers know who the text is coming from and where they can redeem the offer. It’s not fun receiving a text message and not knowing who it is from.

Some of the above points may seem a little obvious. But, each and every one is crucial to the success of your bulk text campaigns.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.