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covid-19 coronavirus bulk sms

Using SMS for Covid-19 Alerts and Notifications

If your company, school or organization needs to get an information message out regarding Covid-19 Coronavirus to staff, parents, students or members there are few better ways to do so than sending a Bulk Text message. Why SMS? SMS is automatically installed on every single phone Delivered in Seconds with Real Time Delivery Reports 98% […]

Tutorial – Build my Opt-In List

Tutorial – Building your Opt-In Customer List with Social Media

When a customer has opted in to receive your communications they are FAR more likely to respond to your promotions. Your messages are welcomed, received, read and acted upon. This, together with a direct communication channel like SMS make your marketing campaigns much more effective and successful. This is called permission based marketing and is […]

Tutorial – Build my Opt-In List

Tutorial – Quick SMS Send from a List

If you would like to send directly from a list of numbers without importing them into your account, this is very easy to do in 4 quick steps. Step 1: Click Send SMS You will see a Tab called List in the Recipients section on the left hand side. Step 2: Enter a List name […]

Tutorial – Build my Opt-In List

Tutorial – Using the Quick Import

Another useful way to import your numbers is to use the quick import. You don’t need to have your numbers in an excel spreadsheet. You can simply copy and paste them into your Sendmode account and import them into whichever group you require. Below are the steps to complete a quick import of mobile numbers […]

La Popote Marton – Latest News

Times change and Lynne and Victor have taken a well earned retirement, having first opened the restaurant in Marton in 2009. Joseph Rawlins and Gaelle Radigon are the proud new owners and we would like to introduce ourselves to you. I am a Wilmslow native with 10 years restaurant experience starting with a Cordon Blue […]

2 Way RCS Messaging

Using RCS for 2 Way Messaging

Up until now companies would be using Repliable for their 2 way messaging requirements. Companies would send out their SMS and any relies are then forwarded to their email inboxes. Sendmode have a new improved way to do this. It is called RCS Links. If you are wondering what RCS is? It will revolutionize Mobile […]

RCS Business Messaging

Sending your first RCS Message

In order to increase the interactivity of your SMS Marketing, we have developed Rich Communication SMS which allows you to send videos, images, call to actions, QR Codes, Google Maps, Easy Replies and much more. You will also be able to view reports on all interaction by your customers in real time. There are 2 […]

webtext marketing in the UK

What is Webtext?

Webtext is a popular marketing technique where businesses use an online service to send text messages to their customers. Combining WebText and permission based marketing gives some of the higher ROIs in marketing. Businesses love the simplicity of webtext. It is as simple as login, type your offer and click send to your customers. The […]

SMS Marketing Works in the UK

8 reasons why SMS Marketing works

Despite the rise of person to person messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook messenger, SMS is still regarded as a very important tool for business owners to contact their customers with offers and promotions. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider SMS Marketing for your business! SMS is the most immediate and […]

5 Reasons Why Businesses Love Online SMS in the UK

5 Reasons Why Businesses Love Online SMS

Have you ever heard of Matti Makkonen? No? Well he is the Finnish engineer who invented SMS. Way back in ’92 he designed a simple communication technology that took the world by storm. 27 years later, online SMS is one of the most effective direct marketing channels, used by millions of businesses worldwide to reach […]