Email2SMS – How it Works

Three simple steps to get started

Sendmode Email to SMS Step 1
Within your Sendmode account go to SMS Marketing -> Other Tools -> Email2SMS.
Add one or more email accounts that are allowed to send SMS from your account.
This is verified for security before sending.

Sendmode Email to SMS Dashboard

Sendmode Email to SMS Step 2
From any email application type in the mobile number followed by
Complete the e-mail subject and message information and send as normal.

Sendmode Email to SMS Email example

Sendmode Email to SMS Step 3
The email is converted to SMS by Sendmode and delivered to the mobile number handset.
An SMS credit is deducted from your account and delivery report is created for audit and tracking purposes.

Sendmode Email to SMS Text Message Service

Email to SMS Features & Benefits

All these business text message features are included with your Sendmode account

  • Send SMS (text) messages directly from any email application
  • Send to one or multiple recipients
  • Full message delivery reporting
  • Contact staff who are out of office instantaneously
  • Use email contacts to promptly find numbers
  • Save money utilising low-cost bulk SMS rates
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Pricing Reference

Free Bulk SMS Platform. You only pay for SMS’. SMS credits have no expiry date. No contracts, no hidden charges and no strings attached!


SMS Credits


  • 3.4p per SMS Credit
  • Double Credits Offer
  • No VAT Payable


SMS Credits


  • 3.4p per SMS Credit
  • Double Credits Offer
  • No VAT Payable
Best Value


SMS Credits


  • 3.4p per SMS Credit
  • Double Credits Offer
  • No VAT Payable


SMS Credits


  • 3.3p per SMS Credit
  • Free Mobile Keyword
  • No VAT Payable

SMS Price Comparison

Sendmode provide the highest quality and lowest cost solution in the mobile industry. This table compares our pricing with our competitors. Choose your SMS supplier based on cost, quality and reputation!

SMS Provider

Cost Per SMS Credit


Total per SMS Credit

Sendmode3.4pNo VAT Payable3.4p
Text Tank3.5pPlus Vat4.2p
Text Marketer3.7pPlus Vat4.4p
Bulk SMS4.4pPlus Vat5.3p
Red SMS4.5pPlus Vat5.4p
Text Local4.9pPlus Vat5.9p
Text Burst5.0pPlus Vat6.0p
Text Anywhere6.4pPlus Vat7.7p
Esendex7.0pPlus Vat8.4p
Clickatell8.4pPlus Vat10.1p

*Price is based on a typical purchase of 1,000 SMS credits
*Please note that this list is not a complete list of every company providing SMS services

Thanks to Sendmode, we can now send text messages directly from within our email system. Contacting customers and staff is now cheaper, quicker and so easy to do. We can even see which messages have been delivered in the reports. The team at Sendmode have been very supportive, we highly recommend the Email2SMS system.
Douglas Howell
- Managing Director, Cullen Insurances