Step 1

Create a new ZAP and pick any Trigger event you want to use.

For this tutorial we are going to use PayPal Successful Sale.

Once you have configured the Trigger you are ready to configure the Action to Send an SMS via Sendmode API

Step 2

In Choose an Action App type webhooks and Select ‘Webhooks by Zapier’ as the Action APP.

Step 3

In Select Webhooks by Zapier Action select POST and click Save + Continue.

Step 4

In Set up Webhooks by Zapier POST enter


Payload Type: Form.

Step 5

In Data field enter message on left hand textbox as shown.

On the right hand textbox use the following format.

{“messagetext” : “Your Message”, “senderid” : “Your Senderid”,”recipients” : [“mobilenumber1″,”mobilenumber2”]}

Step 6

Add custom fields from Trigger App to the text.

Each ZAP Trigger exposes different information that can be embedded in your SMS message.

In our example PayPal Successful Sale the following are exposed for use by clicking Insert a Field icon.

Step 7

Header field security key.

Enter Authorization on left hand textbox as shown.

On the right hand textbox copy and paste your Sendmode API KEY.

To get your API Key Login to Sendmode and click Settings -> API Settings -> API Access Key

Step 8

Click Save and then Send Test to Webhooks by Zapier.

If all configured ok you should receive an SMS to the mobile number(s) you entered for recipients.

That’s it your Integration is complete. If you need any further help or advice then feel free to contact us

[email protected] | 020-3411-4464