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SMS Marketing Works in the UK

8 reasons why SMS Marketing works

Despite the rise of person to person messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook messenger, SMS is still regarded as a very important tool for business owners to contact their customers with offers and promotions. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider SMS Marketing for your business! SMS is the most immediate and […]

Tap into the Power of SMS Marketing for UK Businesses

Tap into the Power of SMS Marketing

While hugely popular worldwide SMS Marketing is still only used by 39% of companies, giving you a massive opportunity to tap into the power of it as a marketing channel. Learn how to deliver value through text messaging It makes perfect sense that a brand would look for marketing channels to offer simple, fast engagement […]

UK Consumers Love SMS Marketing

Consumers Love SMS Marketing, Yet Marketers are Slow to Adopt.Are You?

Millions of us spend a lot of time texting on our phones. SMS and WhatsApp are the currently number 1 uses of our mobiles. So why aren’t you using SMS to reach your customers? SMS marketing is a no-brainer, but many businesses still aren’t taking advantage of it. According to Charles Golvin, research director, Gartner […]

Create a Winning SMS Marketing Campaign in the UK

SMS Marketing – Tips on How to Kick-Start a Winning Campaign

When it comes to SMS marketing, many business owners do not know how and from where to start. It is here that you need to be prudent and ask experts for their advice. Professionals who are well-versed in the field of SMS marketing say you should start with building your opt-in customer database Building your […]

What is SMS Marketing And How does it Work

What is SMS Marketing & How Does It Work?

SMS marketing (short message service marketing) is a popular marketing technique that uses permission-based text messaging to deliver information and promotional messages from businesses to their customer bases. The SMS function is available on every mobile handset and this gives SMS an advantage over other messages apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber as it […]

gdpr compliant consent forms

GDPR Compliant Consent Forms

The GDPR defines consent as: Freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous consent; which informs subscribers about the brand that’s collecting the consent and provides information about the purpose of collecting personal data via the ICO, May 2017. Consent means offering individuals real choice and control. Genuine consent should put your customers in charge, build trust […]

email vs bulk sms

The Big Question | Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing [Infographic]

The big question – Email marketing vs SMS Marketing. Which channel is best for your marketing efforts? We’re biased and say SMS, so we’ll let the figures convince you! Some 74 trillion emails are sent every year, and “only” 8 trillion text messages. On average, office workers receive 121 emails per day, whereas Millennials on […]

bulk sms lead generation

Tips for SMS Lead Generation

There’s one thing we often tend to ignore when designing an online marketing strategy. The power of the offline world. As in, the place where most of our leads spend most of their lives – and where plenty of our ripest lead generation opportunities exist. For many of us, the best times for generating enthusiasm […]

ssms marketing best practice

SMS Marketing Best-Practice and Tips for Marketers

As with any marketing strategy, there are good, bad and very bad ways to use SMS. We, at Sendmode, have put together a list of tips and best-practice to help you through SMS in 2018. 1. Consent is Critical Making sure that every customer who receives SMS communications from your brand has opted-in is crucial […]

Improve customer service with bulk sms

Improve Customer Service with Bulk SMS

There is no denying the fact that customer service is important to small or mid-sized business. The quality of that service will either enhance or degrade customer loyalty to your brand and your business. Customer service is a top priority, it makes a difference to a brand’s reputation, customer loyalty and revenue. Global brands are […]