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just in time marketing

Just in Time Marketing

Following on from some recent blogs were we touched on the power and importance of personalization; this blog is about just in time marketing and how to reach the right customer at the right time. Some companies are now merging marketing with techniques from manufacturing and developing just in time marketing strategies which connect with […]


Effective Bulk SMS Marketing

Let’s get straight into it. You wanted more from our marketing and then discovered how powerful Bulk SMS marketing is. The first couple of campaigns have gone well. The following tips will help make it even more effective for you. Build your Opt in Customer Database Bulk SMS combined with permission based marketing will get […]


A Mobile Marketing Strategy for 2017

If your business does not have a mobile marketing strategy, it is time to start seriously thinking about one. Consumers check their mobile phones on average 150 times per day. More people are browsing the internet with their mobiles than any other medium. So much so that Google’s next release of their search product will […]


Mobile Advertising Trends for 2017

With person to person SMS continuing to decline due to the proliferation of messaging applications such as WhatsApp, 2017 will see a further increase in the use of SMS for mobile advertising. According to Portio Research some 1.7 trillion Application to Person (A2P) SMS will be sent globally by 2018. One of the main reasons […]


Marketing to Millennials

Millennials are the most heavily marketed to generation in history. They are bombarded each day with TV, Radio, Social Media, Print and now Mobile Advertising. In the middle of all this noise, how do you get your message to stick with millennials? How do we go about marketing to millennials? What is a Millennial? We […]

real time marketing

What is Real Time Marketing?

For Business Owners, marketing is probably the most painful part of their business. We are experts in our field but not in marketing our products out to the widest audience. There are lots of marketing channels out there which make lots of promises, cost a lot but deliver little.

marketing for busy people

Marketing for Busy People

As business owners we can sometimes feel like we are being pulled in a million different directions all at once. There are a million different things which need our attention each day and sometimes we put areas which we are not naturally comfortable with to one side. We are all experts in what we sell […]

sms marketing

Cost Effective Marketing for Business

In our 6 years in Business, our customers have continually commented on how marketing is one of the most time consuming and difficult challenges in business. We all face the same issues, how to get the most cost effective marketing for our businesses and the best returns for our marketing spend.