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Amplify the customer experience with Bulk SMS Marketing in the UK

Amplify the customer experience with Bulk SMS Marketing

Amplify your reach and customer impact with Bulk SMS Marketing. SMS is pre-installed on virtually every mobile phone in the world. Meaning nothing has to be downloaded and installed. So you can reach 100% of your customers with a simple SMS. This is one of the main reasons why SMS Marketing is so popular. Even […]

What is Bulk SMS and How does it work

What is Bulk SMS & How Does It Work?

Bulk SMS is a marketing technique that uses SMS to deliver short, concise marketing and information from businesses to their customer bases. The SMS function is available on every mobile handset and this gives SMS an advantage over other messages apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber as it has 100% market penetration. Generally business […]

Tutorial – Build my Opt-In List

Tutorial – Sending an EMail2SMS to a Group from Outlook

Many SMS Suppliers have an EMail2SMS feature. Generally they allow users to send to an individual number at a time. We have brought this a step further by allowing customers to send an email to a group in their Sendmode account. This tutorial shows how to do this in a few easy steps. It takes […]

Bulk SMS Marketing For Retailers

Bulk SMS Marketing for Retailers

With so many players in the retail market, businesses face harsh competition on a daily basis. Establishing powerful relationships with customers is key to achieving goals for a successful and profitable brand. According to research related to the performance of Bulk SMS marketing, customers are more willing to make a purchase after receiving and reading […]


Effective Bulk SMS Marketing

Let’s get straight into it. You wanted more from our marketing and then discovered how powerful Bulk SMS marketing is. The first couple of campaigns have gone well. The following tips will help make it even more effective for you. Build your Opt in Customer Database Bulk SMS combined with permission based marketing will get […]