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Bulk SMS Revenue Channel

Why Bulk SMS might be your next top revenue channel

Pause for a second and think of this question. How many unopened emails do you have right now in your inbox versus unread text messages on your phone? This is why so many brands are using Bulk SMS and mobile marketing to connect with consumers instead. If you are like me, there are literally hundreds […]

Sendmode-stopping-Bulk-SMS-Smishing in the UK

Sendmode adds extra security to halt Bulk SMS Smishing

Sendmode has added an extra layer of security to stop Bulk SMS scammers from sending you phishing SMS messages which are attempts to scam you out of money. Phishing has become more popular with scammers as everyone has a mobile phone nowadays and everyone reads their text messages. What is Smishing? According to google the […]

How Bulk SMS is Saving Businesses Millions in the UK

How Bulk SMS is Saving Businesses Millions

Bulk SMS is saving business million through reduction of no-show appointments and providing business with effective low cost marketing that works. This is why SMS is one of the most popular marketing and engagement tools on the market and why millions of business owners worldwide will use it. Reduce No-Shows Because SMS is pre-installed on […]

What is Bulk SMS and How does it work

What is Bulk SMS & How Does It Work?

Bulk SMS is a marketing technique that uses SMS to deliver short, concise marketing and information from businesses to their customer bases. The SMS function is available on every mobile handset and this gives SMS an advantage over other messages apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber as it has 100% market penetration. Generally business […]

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The Process of Bulk SMS for Business | Customer Case Study

The process of a business messaging customers, bulk SMS has seen a resurgence in popularity recently – and it’s not hard to see why. The possibilities for mobile marketing are exciting, and they are growing every day with the rapid development of new technologies and techniques. Mobile is changing, and change is happening fast. The […]

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Using Email and Bulk SMS Together Effectively

As a business owner, you already realize the importance of staying in touch with your leads and customers. If your marketing techniques are up to par with modern technology and proven strategy, then you are already using SMS or email marketing in your business communications. But, have you thought about how you can use the […]

GDPR International Bulk sms services

GDPR and International Bulk SMS Services

The incoming General Data Protection Regulations is an EU wide law which aims to increase protection all of our personal information. Any company who hold the personal data of their employees or their customers must now make a number of changes to ensure compliance with the law. If you are one of the thousands of […]

GDPR A definitive guide to consent

GDPR | A definitive Guide to Consent for Bulk SMS Marketing

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th and significantly strengthens our rights to how our data is stored and used. All companies will have to take action to protect any personal data they hold on their employees or customers. In terms of the effect GDPR will have on marketing, especially […]

The power of bulk SMS

The Power of Bulk SMS

SMS has been around for over 20 years now, and for anyone in business is the backbone of initial carrier billing efforts, media interactions, voting and all sorts. Similarly, the potential bulk SMS holds for marketing has been acknowledged for almost a decade. With more and more businesses using email marketing, paid social and other […]

brand loyalty with sms

Building Brand Loyalty Through Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS to increase brand loyalty? There are a number of important things to consider when building a business. In a world where your competition can be found in just a few seconds, instilling brand loyalty in customers is a greater challenge than ever. One bad social media faux pas and you could find yourself […]