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What is a Mobile Keyword?

Information on our Mobile Keywords

Have you ever text in to the X-Factor or a radio station? You probably text to a 5 digit number like 51444 or 88990. These numbers are known as shortcodes, as opposed to long code like your mobile number for example.

A mobile keyword is a single word that can contain letters or numbers and is picked by a business as the word to be sent via text message to a shortcode.

Keywords and shortcodes have been used in mobile marketing for years and are an excellent way to allow your customers to OPT-IN to your loyalty clubs.

By increasing your OPT-IN database, you will now get the benefits of between 10-32% response to all your promotions. Why? Because the people receiving your bulk text want to get them !!

Sendmode have a number of UK and Irish shortcodes available and offer companies keywords on these codes, for example a company called XYZ can register this keyword with us and their customers can text XYZ to 88990 to join their club.

Sendmode provides all the software you need to run competitions for OPT-in, plus to automate the Opt-Out process so you maintain compliance with the mobile regulators.

Sendmode Bulk SMS Keywords and Shortcodes
“SendMode offer a great and easy to use service. It has increased my business and has halved my costs with a much better service with the personal touch.”
Nuala Lynch