Capture Attention & Drive More Sales

Bursting with Interactiveness

Rich Communication Services 


Send images, video, google maps, QR Codes, call to action buttons, easy replies. Interact with your customers in real time in a fully immersive experience.

Detailed Analytics

RCS Detailed Analysis Reports

RCS Business Messaging not only provides read receipts but also interaction receipts. You can see who has clicked on a suggested action button on the message. Further enhancing your customer intelligence.

Super Easy To Use

RCS Super Easy To Use

Sendmode application are always super easy to use. We put an enormous amount of time in creating applications that will save you time.

RCS Benefits

Rich Communication Services

Custom Branding

Add your Logo and Branding to any Message. Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging allows you to completely customize the messaging experience for consumers.

With RCS custom branding capabilities, you can add your brand’s logo to your messages and even customize the colour of the messaging app when a consumer is messaging your brand.

RCS also allows 2 -way messaging (AKA Repliable) to be sent using your brand name. Traditionally we would have had to use a mobile numbers, now we can send with your branding and your customers can respond directly via the RCS message. The campaign administrator will get real time updates of all responses.

  • Instant Brand Recognition
  • 2 Way Messaging with Branding
  • Real Time Campaign Reports

Hi Resolution Images

RCS messaging will allow businesses to send high resolution images, including GIFs to consumers. The images will be shown in app and consumers will not be required the recipient to open a new screen to see the full size image.

The example here shows a restaurant sending a beautiful image of their dining area. By simply sending an image, this will increase customer engagement and drive more appointments.

Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be a single image. With RCS you can also show a number of images on a carousel, similar to what you see on many websites.

  • Increased Engagement
  • Real Time Appointment Confirmations
Hi-Def-Videos Rich Communication Services

High Definition Videos

RCS messaging allows you to send high definition videos to consumers.

the video in the example could be from a car dealership showing the advertisement from their latest model. The video will be displayed in custom size depending on the receiving phone, and won’t require the recipient to open a new screen to see the full size video.

  • Increased Interactivity
  • Increased Engagement

Call To Action Buttons

Add CTA (Call To Action) buttons to your message which can redirect to a website, shopping cart or respond to the campaign administrator. An example of this would be an appointment confirm

  • Instant Engagement from Customers
  • Add ECommerce Shopping Cart to your Campaigns
  • Real Time Responses to Administrator
  • Track all Responses from Customers

RCS Call to Action