HLR Look Up Database Cleaner

Save Money with the HLR Lookup Database Cleaner

HLR is the abbreviation for Home Location Register.  The HLR lookup Database Cleaner feature provides you with the opportunity to verify all the numbers in your database to ensure they are all currently in use and able to receive your messages. Data is retrieved in real time from a mobile network HLR by requesting routing information about a given mobile number via the mobile signalling network.

Common reasons for using the HLR Lookup Database Cleaner:

  • To clean mobile number databases by removing invalid and deactivated numbers thus reducing the cost of sending SMS by only sending to valid numbers.
  • To identify the network a number belongs to for billing purposes or research.
  • For troubleshooting SMS delivery problems by identifying if a mobile number is valid.
  • To identify if a number is roaming abroad.

The following information can be retrieved:

  • The country and mobile network the mobile number belongs to.
  • Identification of invalid numbers due to the number never being registered or the number being deactivated (Unknown Subscriber).
  • Identification of temporary errors that would prevent SMS delivery (if the mobile phone is switched off or out of coverage for a long period of time).

The main advantage of the HLR Lookup database cleaner is that it will save you money as the results will show the mobile numbers in your database that are no longer active. Once you know which numbers are invalid you can delete them from your mobile database and prevent yourself from getting charged for sending them messages.

If you would like to use our HLR Lookup database cleaner for your mobile database get in touch with the Sendmode team on 0203 411 4464 or email support@sendmode.com

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