SendMode Mobile Marketing Features

“SendMode is feature rich, easy to use and brings in customers”

When we started SendMode we wanted to provide a range of options and features to allow our valued customers to harness the power of mobile marketing to attract and retain many new customers.

For the past 3 years we have been working hard to do just that, we’ve taken on board suggestions from you guys and added these features to the product while also keeping an eye on the latest technology trends to make these options available also.

Mobile Marketing

All our services are geared towards mobile marketing and helping our customers deliver opt in marketing to customers mobiles. Whether that is through bulk smssms shortcodes or mobile websites.

We follow state of the art user experience guidelines to make our solutions easy to use and are committed to providing the best value mobile marketing service on the internet.

Bulk Text

Our bulk texting application is packed with business features such as SMS Templates, SMS Scheduler, 2 Way SMS, Birthday Scheduler, Anniversary Scheduler, Text Ordering and Booking, Text Competitions and many more. All these features come directly from our customer requests and we build these features to bring real business value to our customers.

For more information visit our bulk sms page.

Mobile Websites

Our mobile websites service is packed with features like QR Codes, Mobile Commerce, Find us, Click to call coupons, Social Media and many more.

For more information visit our mobile websites page.