Database Cleaning

What is Database Cleaning?

Database Cleaning allows you to find information about any mobile number on the GSM network. This is done by performing a Home Location Register (HLR) Lookup on the GSM Network. Many companies have databases of mobile numbers which may be dead, unsued or ported to other networks.

Our database cleaning service provides information on all your mobile numbers, their current network and the number is in use. This information can be used to clean your database and further reduce your mobile marketing costs.

Benefits of using the SendMode’s DB Cleaning service include:

  • Verifying the status (e.g. live and/or in use) of all your mobile numbers. Remove any dead mobile numbers and save money.
  • Checking if mobile handsets are switched on and available
  • Identifying whether mobile numbers have been ported to another network
  • Listing where mobile numbers originate and which network they are active on
  • Confirming how many of your mobile numbers are in roaming and
  • Reducing your ongoing messaging/routing costs
  • 1,000 Numbers
  • £4.20
  • £0.0042c each
  • Perfect for those getting started with HLR Lookup
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  • 2,500 Numbers
  • £10.25
  • £0.0041c each
  • For those familiar with HLR Lookups.
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  • 5,000 Numbers
  • £20
  • £0.004c each
  • SendMode’s most popular ever package
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  • 10,000 Numbers
  • £39
  • £0.0039c each
  • HLR Lookup for larger databases
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