customer onboarding

What is the key to Customer Onboarding?

Customer onboarding is the process of introducing new customers to your product or service. It is absolutely critical to the development and growth of your company. Consider the first time you visit a website, browse the features and benefits and then sign up for a Free Trial, this is where the customer onboarding process should kick in and make the transition from potential to paying customer as smooth as possible.

The first in-app experience your potential customer has with your product is vital as at this stage the customer has no experience or bias towards you, your company or your product. If the potential customer becomes confused or frustrated with your product at this early stage there is very little chance of converting into a paying customer.

The saying “First impressions last” is very appropriate online as there will be minimal contact between your company and the customer as they browse your site and sign up for a free trial. Many sites have online chat nowadays but in general visitors just want to browse on their own and figure it out for themselves. Once a customer creates a free trial, this is where your onboarding process must kick in.

The first impressions of your product should be that the value proposition is clean and the application is easy to use. Also that your customer service will always be available to this new customer. We have always contacted our customers when they register to welcome them to our service, and reinforce that we are there for our customers questions and queries at any time.

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Another thing to think about is how to accelerate the “Time to First Value” for your customer, our previous blog talks about this. If your customers realises real value in your product quickly they will be more likely to subscribe to the service.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.