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Webtext – What is the Optimal Frequency of SMS Campaigns?

Companies who are new to SMS Marketing and webtext generally will be very delighted by the response rates they get from their first campaigns. With open rates of 98% SMS far exceeds any other form of advertising. However the success of the first campaign leads to one of the questions we have been most asked over the past 7 years; How often can I send an webtext to my customers?

There is no definitive answer to this question; however there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Mobile Phones are Personal

The average person will have their phones with them at all times and check their phones 150 times a day. Our mobile phones have become extensions of ourselves and as such are deeply personal devices containing much of our data, photos and videos that we hold dear.

Be aware that if you overuse SMS you run the risk of annoying your customers and they will opt-out of receiving future messages from your brand.

Know your customer

This is where your domain expertise comes in. If you are in the fast moving consumer goods industry such as butchers, then a spell of good weather could mean you have lots of offers on BBQ meat. We have a number of customers who have had great success over a 4 week period by sending an offer a week out to their customers.

However for retailers such as menswear retailers this would be overkill. We would suggest a webtext promotion at the start of a Sale and perhaps another coming near the end of a sale. If a retailer had 4 sales per year so this would work out at 8 SMS per year to your customers, an SMS every 6 weeks.


Overall we would suggest you use a webtext or SMS Marketing campaign approximately once every 4/6 weeks. This will keep your customers informed and not feel like you are bombarding them with SMS.

There will be times when you could send with a little more frequency, for example a pub/restaurant during a world cup or the example of the butcher above, however always bear in mind how personal peoples mobile devices are to them. By keeping your customers informed of your offers and promotions but not making them feel overwhelmed, you will retain your customers and get the benefits of SMS unrivalled open and response rates.

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