Mobile Keywords

Use Mobile Keywords to Build your Bulk SMS Database

Mobile keywords are an extremely powerful and essential tool in building a successful mobile marketing campaign. Mobile keywords enable two-way messaging, offering an excellent way for you to engage with your current customer base AND entice new customers to opt in to your marketing messages. Once a customer opts in to one of your marketing campaigns, they are permanently added to your database for future promotions and advertising. In essence, your aim is to ensure responding to your opt in keyword is; quick, easy and error-free, resulting in you harnessing all prospective subscribers!!  Ensure your keyword is short (one word preferably), simple, punchy and free of special characters to avoid any ambiguity.

Top Tip 1 -> avoid using the letter ‘o’ and the digit ‘0’, they are quite difficult to decipher on text and are easily confused.

Mobile keywords are multi-functional:-

  • Run competitions to grow database subscribers
  • Enable existing customers to respond to alerts
  • Ensure compliance by allowing members to opt out i.e. text ‘SENDMODE STOP‘ to 51234 to opt out
  • Use unique keywords recognisable to your customers
  • Track promotional success by using different keywords

There are numerous, highly effective ways to promote your keywords both on and offline:-

  • Posters/Billboards
  • Website
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Flyers
  • Blogs

Top Tip 2 ->  Run a competition with a keyword to grow your customer database i.e. Win a weekend away for 2 with Sunshine Holidays by texting the word ‘GETAWAY’ followed by your answer to 51234…What group of islands does Majorca belong to?

For any questions/queries regarding mobile keywords, contact Trevor on 0203-411-4464 or email

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