Tips for selecting a mobile keyword


When choosing a mobile keyword to engage your customers, here are a few tips to get the best opt in results and return on investment from subsequent SMS Marketing campaigns.

  • Make it easy to remember!! This is key as people may not have their mobile phones on them when they see your mobile kwyword. It is essential that it is easy enough to remember until they can get to their phones and opt in.
  • Dont use codes or try to be too clever. Text ‘PIZZA-DEAL to 51444’  will put barriers in front of potential customers as the mobile keyword is hard to remember and contains a ‘-‘. Just ‘PIZZA’ will get a much higher opt-in rate.
  • Don’t use special characters. It’s hard enough to find the standard letters and numbers on a phone’s keypad, you don’t want to make it more diffucult for customers to join your group. The example above uses a ‘-‘ and makes it more difficult for a consumer to join your opt in list. Why put barriers in front of people? Remove all barriers !!!
  • Stick with one word. To make things simple, try to find a mobile keyword that is only one word. If you must have a mobile keyword that is two words (i.e. NEW YORK), we would advise putting both together for the sake of simplicity i.e. ‘text NEWYORK to 51444’.
  • Keep it short. Lets face it, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to type on a mobile phone keypad. So a nice easy keyword like “text DEAL to 51444” engages customers, is easy for them to remember and type into their phones to opt-in.

Once you have selected a mobile keyword, the next step is to advertise it everywhere your customers eyes can see it; posters, flyers, menu’s, newspaper ads.

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