Bulk SMS

The Power of Bulk SMS for SMEs

“Small businesses with a tight marketing budget can achieve a high return on investment using SMS technology, and Bulk SMS Marketing has become very prevalent over the years as it is cost effective, intimate and reaches a specific target audience at a particular time.” says Tony Smith, CEO of Oxygen8 SA, a global provider of integrated mobile solutions.

Let’s look at some stats from our friends at TextMarketer which further re-inforce the power of Bulk SMS for small business owners.

  • 76% of people report that they will check their SMS/text before an email;
  • 70% of users feel brands can get their attention faster via SMS/text
  • 64% of customers feel that brands must connect with them through SMS/text.

If used correctly, the low cost and high response rates from using Bulk SMS are very attractive to SME’s and we see more and more business owners being turned on to the power of Bulk SMS. Why not give it a try? Build up your list of customer mobiles by running a competition or simply asking for details at your POS, make sure to ask permission to contact the customer, and then send your first Bulk SMS campaign.

Send the campaign 2 days before the event, offer or promotion starts and send the message at approximately 4 p.m. We find Thursday between 2 and 4 are our busiest times as business owners are sending messages for sales which begin on the following Saturday.

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