how do text messages work

How do Text Messages Work?

Text Messages – You type a message, hit send and it pops up in the recipient’s inbox in a matter of seconds! But have you ever wondered what happens after you hit the send button? How do text messages work?

Your mobile phone is always sending and receiving information via a cell phone tower over a pathway called a control channel.  This means that the mobile phone system will always know which cell your phone is on, no matter where you are. Every now and again your mobile phone and the tower exchange a packet of data that lets them know everything is working ok.

Your mobile phone uses a control channel for calls and text messages. So when someone tries to call you, the tower sends your phone a message over the control channel that tells your phone to play your ringtone. The tower then gives your phone a pair of voice channel frequencies to use for the call.

The control channel also provides the pathway for text messages. When a friend sends you a text message, the message flows through the short message service centre (SMSC), to the tower, and the tower sends the message to your phone as a little packet of data on the control channel. In the same way, when you send a message, your phone sends it to the tower on the control channel and it goes from the tower to the SMSC and from there to its destination.

Bulk text messaging works in a similar way except the message is sent via the Sendmode system first.  Sendmode can handle high volumes of text messages and can provide them to you at cheaper rates than you might normally pay.  You can also personalise your messages by choosing your Sender ID name and inserting your customers name or account number.

So now you’ll never text in the same way again and you’ll probably spot some cell phone towers after you’ve read this!  We hope our blog has helped to answer that burning question, how do text messages work? If you need any assistance with your Bulk Text Marketing contact Trevor on 02034114464 or email Check out our Bulk SMS Pricing here.

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