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Text Message System for Communicating with Customers

Increasingly companies are realizing how using a text message system to communicate with their customers is a fast, reliable and extremely effective way to reach their audience. More and more companies are using text message marketing or SMS marketing to instantly communicate their latest offers and promotions.

Traditional marketing such as print and media marketing are expensive and hard to track, new marketing channels such as email or social media marketing get very low response rates whilst opt in marketing using a text message system has proven to achieve excellent response rates at a fraction of the cost.

What do we mean by opt-in marketing?  This means the customer has opted in and given permission to receive offers and promotions using your text message system. The offer arrives in your customer’s pocket seconds after you send it. Do people read them? Statistics tell us that 98% of people read their text message within 5 minutes of receipt. As the customer has opted in to receive your messages, the message is both welcomed and acted upon.

Also text message systems allow you to brand your message with your company name therefore the text message arrives with your company name, not as a mobile phone number as per normal texts.

Response rates can be improved further by tweaking the timing and the relevance of the message to various segments of your customer base.  For example, if you are a sports bar and a section of your customer base is interested in soccer, then a marketing campaign with a good offer sent directly to this segment at 4 p.m. on the evening of a match would be perfectly timed and targeted to only that segment of your customers who would be interested.

If you would like to know more about how a text message system can help communicate with your customer base and how it can be used to convert potential customers into new ones, please contact our multi-award winning team at any time on 0203 411 4464 or support@sendmode.com.

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