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Why Text Message Appointment Reminders Work

Bulk SMS isn’t just for sending out marketing or promotional messages; it can also be used as a text message appointment reminder service. Sending text messages to remind your customers about their appointments or bookings with you will not only help to reduce your lost revenue because of forgetfulness, but also it will strengthen your relationship with your customers. Customers will know that you care about them and that you want to help them manage their busy lives.

The great thing about sending a text message appointment reminder is that every mobile phone can receive them, so you’re not missing anyone out and you can be sure that 98% of your text messages sent will be opened and read within 5 minutes! It’s also really quick and easy to send a text message appointment reminder, and with Sendmode’s API you can programme it so that messages are automatically sent out in advance of an appointment with custom fields such as name, appointment time and date etc.

Send a text message appointment reminder like this

“Hi Mary, Don’t forget you’ve got a hair appointment at 2.30pm on Monday 1st October in Hair Styles.

See you soon. Need to cancel? Call us on 02011234567. Opt out at www.stoptxt.net”

Or confirm bookings and confirmations, everyone loves to receive their booking in writing ‘just in case’ and what better place to have it than on your ever accessible mobile phone. Send booking confirmations to ensure they don’t forget!

“Hi Joe, Thank you for your dinner reservation for 8 people on 01/01/15 at

The Best Restaurant. Amendments? Call us on 02011234567. Opt out at www.stoptxt.net”.

Choosing the right time to remind your customers is something you should also consider, don’t leave it too late, but also don’t send the text message too far in advance; 24-48 hours before the appointment is ideal, but this may vary depending on your industry! You know your customers best!

To hear more about our text message appointment reminder service contact Sendmode on 0203 411 4464 or email support@sendmode.com and we’d be happy to get you started with a free trial account.

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