Consider a Text Alert System for Business Use

Have you considered a Text Alert System for business use?  If not, what is deterring you?  Is there a catch?  What are the pitfalls? …quite simply, there are no pitfalls, there is no catch!

Firstly, for those unfamiliar with a text alert system (Bulk SMS/Text Messaging), it’s the mainstay of mobile marketing, delivering short, simple calls-to-action to mobile devices to drive footfall, increase ROI (return of investment) and to ensure instant, reliable communication between customer and retailer. This relatively recent, incredibly powerful marketing tool is used for sending opt-in text messages i.e. special offers, promotions, coupons, and alerts. Businesses and organisations all over the world are quickly adopting a text alert system as a new marketing stream due to its ability to instantly reach target audiences. Key fact … 98% of all text messages are read within the first 5 minutes of receipt. Marketers can now craft and dispatch enticing campaigns to their customers exactly when impact is greatest.

Why choose a text alert system for business use over traditional marketing methods?

  • Simple, FREE setup
  • Ubiquity of mobile phones
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving
  • Succinct, concise, real-time communication
  • Builds, grows and strengthens customer relationships
  • Ensures brand loyalty
  • Unused credits do not expire

How does a text alert system for business work?

  • Firstly, locate an SMS provider i.e.
  • Create a database of your customers’ mobile phone numbers
  • Secure permission from your customers to include them into your future marketing campaigns (this is a legal requirement)
  • Reserve a keyword relative to your business i.e. ‘pizza’
  • Your keyword can then be texted to a “shortcode” i.e. 51234 (provided by your SMS provider)
  • When the text is sent, the receiver will receive an automated reply back, customised by you, thanking them for joining your list. They will then be added to your text alert (SMS) marketing list for future marketing.

Text alert systems for business use are gaining extensive recognition as one of the most immediate and powerful ways to reach today’s digitally-connected consumer.  If a text alert system is not part of your marketing arsenal, your full potential will not be realised. We offer a free trial with 5 free credits, try it … the response is guaranteed!!

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