SMS Marketing for Dentists

I received THREE postcards (one for each family member) in the post today – all with the same information. The only difference was the addressee. They were notifications, our dentist reminding us we are due a six monthly check up!! Just think about it:-
• The cost of the cards to be printed
• The postage stamp
• The time staff spent writing the cards
• The trip to the post office

This no longer has to be the case with SMS Marketing for Dentists. For a fraction of the above cost, you can contact your clients INSTANTLY with a text message. For as little as €34 you can reach 1,000 of your customers with a guaranteed 98% read rate within 5 minutes.

Together with using SMS marketing to remind clients of appointments, you can alert your customers of available offers on; teeth whitening, polish and scaling etc – no more lost revenue due to forgotten appointments !!

To prevent your postcards going straight to the recycle bin (which I did!), simply click the image below create a your free trial or call our dedicated team, Trevor or John on 020-3411-4464 or email at any time and we will set up your first SMS marketing campaign with our award winning service.

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