SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing cuts through the clutter

Question: What app is on every single mobile handset in the world? The SMS app. Are SMS Read? Yes, 98% are opened and read within 3 minutes of receipt. If only there was a way to reach my customers instantly with an offer or promotion that I know they would read… if only… no wait, what about SMS Marketing!!

There are so many ways to try to reach your customers, from super expensive ‘spray and pray’ marketing like TV ads to targeted online marketing through Google, FaceBook or Twitter. There also is SMS Marketing, a fast, easy to use and super effective way to reach your customers.

It is hugely popular worldwide for SME’s to contact their customers and when done correctly, it will give the best return from any marketing channel.

Below are some simple rules which will help you get the best return from your SMS Marketing campaigns.

Permission Based Customers only

Get permission from your customers to send them text messages with offers and promotion’s. Also provide a free opt-out so they may leave your list at any time.

Once a month

Do not bombard customers with SMS Marketing messages. We recommend once a month and always 2 days before any promotion is due to start, thereby giving people time to process the message and plan their day.

Exclusive offers to your SMS Marketing group

Offers such as special pre-sale opening hours for your text group will help these customers feel special, engaged and keep coming back to your store.

There are literally hundreds of online services out there which provide these SMS Marketing, some better than others but most give a number of free credits to test out their services.

Sendmode Bulk SMS Free Trial

Good luck with your SMS Marketing and you’ll find that after a couple of campaigns and the success you have had with it, SMS Marketing will become a major part of your marketing.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog,