SMS Marketing Best Practices

In order to gain most from your SMS Marketing spend, you can follow some simple SMS Marketing best practices which we have outlined below. The idea is to gain subscribers, get permission and be creative with your campaigns.

SMS Marketing Best Practices – Gaining Permission

  1. It is vital to respect a consumer’s right to privacy. Always gain permission from the people you plan to engage by employing an opt-in procedure.
  2. Statistics show that consumers who have given permission both welcome and respond to your messages.
  3. Gaining permission will save you money as each message sent costs money, so ensuring the customer wants to receive messages avoids any waste of your marketing budget.
  4. Sending unsolicited messages creates a negative impression and erodes brand recognition, prompting subscribers to avoid the service or file complaints. It is also illegal.

SMS Marketing Best Practices – Gaining Subscribers using SMS Shortcodes.

  1. Clearly communicate all material terms and conditions on any advertisement where an opt-in campaign is advertised. We can give you the required text to ensure that you are legally compliant.
  2. All advertising and promotional material must clearly display the opt-out information. Sendmode has a number of opt-out services for our customer’s clients.
  3. Give an incentive to opt-in such as % discounts or free membership for a time period.

SMS Marketing Best Practices – Don’t be afraid to get Creative with your campaigns.

The more creative the campaign, the more consumers will like your brand. Sure, you can send great promotions and informational offers but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. anti Valentines day campaign for example, who target singles who hate valentines day and are looking for something to do for example.

It really is all about knowing your customer and sending them interesting offers to make them think, “Yeah I think I’ll take them up on that”.

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact any of the Sendmode team.  Our monthly newsletter highlights some sms campaign ideas which help to brainstorm ideas for your own promotions.


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