SendMode announce release date for cost saving SMS Gateway

SendMode has announced that our revolutionary SMS Gateway will be released on March 15th. So what is so revolutionary about our SMS Gateway?

The new version of our gateway will include a free validation and HLR module whereby any badly formatted or invalid mobile numbers will be stopped at the gateway and our customers will NOT be charged for this.

  • Badly Formatted numbers: Mobile numbers with invalid characters, incorrect length or an invalid international prefix will fail our validation tests.
  • Invalid Numbers:¬†Our customers can set an undelivered threshold whereby if a mobile number has not been reached X number of times, the mobile is put into an undelivered list and the customer can choose whether this number should be sent to in future.

As we will not be sending a number which fails these validation checks, our customers will not be charged.

If you are interested in switching to the SendMode SMS Gateway please feel free to call 020-3411-4464 or email at any time.


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