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Sending Text Messages for Business

How many customers do you currently have on your database? How many would you like to have? How much does it cost you to communicate with your existing customers? How does this cost compare with your return of investment?  Why all the questions? …. well …… you may have heard, via the media or on the business grapevine, reference to sending text messages for business.  Simply, bulk text messaging allows you to send text messages to multiple mobile handsets. It is a form of permission marketing that takes advantage of the ubiquity of mobile devices and the prevalence of texting as a form of communication. Sending text messages for business is a highly effective way to not only engage your existing customers but also to drive new business to your company.

Sending text messages for business ensures:-

  • Free account setup with
  • Unused credits do not expire
  • Low cost, easy to use, immediate marketing tool
  • Rapid Response Rate – 98% of texts are read within 5 minutes of receipt
  • Increased Subscribers – together with; irresistible discounts/offers/special deals and a clear, concise call to action, subscriber numbers will soar!
  • Speed & Flexibility – sending text messages for business commands a virtual zero lead time, campaigns can be crafted and dispatched in minutes
  • Messages can be scheduled to be dispatched on a future date and time
  • Monitoring of success rates – with Sendmode’s reporting system, you can closely monitor your marketing campaigns, highlighting what is effective and what requires tweaking, resulting in ever increasing sales figures!
  • 24/7 support with


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For additional help and support, contact Trevor on 0203 411 4464 or email with all your bulk text messaging for business questions and queries.

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