Send Business SMS to Increase Sales

Finding and retaining customers is an ongoing challenge for any business and business owners are inundated with marketing advice from various channels. The simplest and easiest way to reach your customers directly is to send business SMS messages directly to their phones.

Open rates when a company send business SMS are staggering, 98% of SMS text messages are opened within 5 minutes of receipt.  This provides a direct and instant channel between you and your customers.

There are rules however both legal and business which must be followed. The most important if you wish to send business SMS is to get the permission of your customers before you begin using SMS as a marketing channel. This is a legal requirement but also makes business sense, if your business SMS marketing messages are delivered only to the people who wish to receive them, then your response rates will be much higher, and you build loyalty within your customer base.

You can also sub divide your customer base out to further refine your message to different sections of your customer base and remember that timing is everything. The message must be sent at an appropriate time during the day (between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. works best) and also at a time relevant to your latest offerings.

As a company who regularly does send business SMS will find, it is a superb way to engage and retain current customers, but can SMS be used to attain new customers?  For this you can use SMS Shortcodes or Mobile Keywords, we have a full section on our blog devoted to this.  Click the following link for more information

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