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The Resurgence of SMS Marketing

Marketers are starting to see a resurgence in SMS Marketing as business owners harness the power of the only ‘app’ on every mobile device in the world.  With the rise in Social Media marketing, many marketers thought that SMS would become obsolete as a communication tool and switched their focus to these new channels.

Over time we have noticed customers returning to SMS Marketing and have canvassed opinions on why they are back using SMS Marketing. “I can be sure my message is read, too many times on social I have put posts up but they have become lost in user’s feeds, email marketing seems to get a very low open rate so I returned to SMS and it has been working well for me” was one of our customers responses.

As Facebook and Twitter posts can easily become lost in users’ feeds with so much information coming through each hour and the average open rate for emails is usually between 20 percent and 25 percent, SMS stands up very well against these marketing channels. SMS text messages by contrast have open rates of 98% within minutes of receipt. In general, consumers are far more responsive to text messages than to any other type of marketing platform.

Our team here at Sendmode has started to notice the undeniable resurgence in SMS marketing. While there are also undeniable benefits to social media marketing, business owners are starting to realize that simply accumulating likes and followers is no guarantee of success.

SMS, on the other hand, provides businesses with a reliable, low cost and proven way to engage with customers who have opted-in to receiving messages. Text messages are direct and do not get lost on users’ social media feeds or overflowing email inboxes.

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Once more, businesses are turning to Bulk SMS for direct engagement and interactive campaigns supporting other marketing initiatives. Far from being dead we are seeing a resurgence in businesses using SMS for their marketing and communications with their customers.I hope you found this helpful in any way and thank you for taking the time to read our blog.