Reduce Customer Opt-Outs from your SMS Marketing Campaigns

The 3 main reasons why customers will opt out from your SMS Marketing campaigns are as follows

  • Customer Service
  • Exhaustive/Irrelevant Campaigns
  • Pricing Increase

Customer Service

The relationship you have with your customers determines your sales figures – FACT! Customers want to be heard AND require pro-active, prompt and relevant solutions to their issues!

A staggering 75% of customers say they seek business elsewhere due to a bad customer service experience – or even repeated bad customer service experiences. If you have lost customers for this reason, its time to up your game.

If your customers (or soon to be ex-customers) are frustrated …. LISTEN! Utilise customer feedback to highlight your pitfalls. Act promptly, change what needs to be changed and advise your customers accordingly. Never mislead your customers. Its essential to be transparent, always be clear and concise as at to what you offer and what you can do for your customer.

Simply make a habit of asking customers what services/products they would like to see you provide – or what they’d like to see you change about your services/products. If there are repeated requests for similar changes, do your best to make those changes. Knowing they’ve been heard, even if you can’t make immediate changes, can be sufficient to ensure customers with changing needs choose your business over your competitors.

Exhaustive Campaigns

Message overload and irrelevance cause 69% and 60% of customers respectively to abandon mobile marketing updates altogether. So, if marketers want to reap the benefits, they must focus on relevant bulk text marketing campaigns. With a little research, you can pretty much determine what your customer wants to receive via alerts, at the best time for them!

Price Increase

A further 25% of customers leave due to price increases. If you’ve had to raise prices in order to make a profit, then inform your customers. On the other hand, if you’re price gouging, you WILL lose customers!

TOP TIP: Engaging and retaining customers, rather than attracting new ones, is a far more cost effective route to boosting return of investment. So this quarter, when you’re discussing your marketing plan, don’t make it all about finding new customers. Instead, focus on ways to prevent the loss of current customers by focusing on the above three areas.

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