reaching a mobile market

Reaching a Mobile Market

We are well past the Tipping point where mobile internet usage has passed desktop internet usage. In order to reach this mobile market we need to look at the statistics to understand how consumers behave and what their preferences are.

Some interesting insights are emerging. The latest research from Smart Insights shows that while more people are browsing the internet from their phones the conversion rates from desktops are almost three times higher.

Conversion rates from desktop websites are 3.76% compared to 1.45% from smartphones.

This would indicate that consumers will browse using their mobile phones but return to the desktop to make the actual purchases. There is general agreement nowadays that all business owners should have a mobile marketing strategy but spending all your marketing budget on a cool responsive website may not be the best use of this budget.

Especially if the statistics are showing that people are still more likely to buy using the desktop version of your sight. You need to take this into account and not forget about the desktop experience.

This is in no way saying that your website should not be mobile optimized. It should work equally well across all devices with the same user experience. The research is showing that we still need to ensure our desktop buying experience is our number one priority as that’s where most of the buying is done.

Another interesting observation from the research is that smartphone’s are used in the morning to browse the internet while desktop internet usage is heaviest during office hours with tablets usage taking over in the evening. See the image below.

mobile market usage throughout the day

The smart insights report is available at

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