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Reach 5.4 billion people with Bulk SMS

There is one app that is on every mobile phone in the world. While there are literally millions of smartphone apps available to consumers worldwide, it is dear old SMS which is available automatically on every handset. Even with the advent of Over the top (OTT) messaging services like WhatsApp, SnapChat and Viber, it is still SMS which is ubiquitous. This is one of the many reasons why Bulk SMS marketing is so popular with SMEs.

Some businesses have decided to develop their own branded smartphone app and promote the apps through their business. Not only is it very expensive to create and maintain these apps, reports from even well-known brands have shown that the download numbers are very low for these type of apps. This is because consumer’s phones are clogged up with lots of apps and they do not want to add another for an individual brand.

Instead, savvy business owners are taking advantage of the fact that SMS is already available on their customer’s mobile phones and by using their own brand as the Sender Name, the message is branded and delivered instantly to the customer.

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